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You probably have a ton of questions: What is Sales Enablement? is it something for us? Why even consider Sales Enablement?

Start by researching the answers to these fundamental questions. Consider the different tools in the Sales Enablement space. CRM, training, call tracking, lead nursing, presentation tools are just some of the tools set out to help marketing and sales be efficient and performant. But what is the needs of your organization?

Define a buyer-centric sales strategy

Buyers' expectations are higher than ever and sales need to address them with compelling content and insights. Address the following:

  • How do you want to sell?
  • Which competences do you need?
  • Which sales rep behavior are you looking for?
  • What content will support the buyer journey?
  • How do we measure performance?

Get your organization ready

Sales Enablement initiatives have a much higher chance of succeeding if you involve as much of the organization as possible. Consider the following questions:

  • What is essential to support the sales strategy?
  • Who should own Sales Enablement in the organization?
  • What budget and resources are available going forward? 

Get the broadest acceptance as possible within the organization. 

Compare the vendors

Determine your organization's requirements by interviewing stakeholders. 

  • Create an RFP (Request for Proposal) in an excel sheet
  • Pick 3-5 vendors and meet with them
  • Evaluate how they fit your RFP and choose your vendor 

Typically you will learn new areas you have not considered a requirement, as the software vendors educate you in the process. It is a good thing. Adapt and revise your RFP if needed. 

Build a Sales Enablement Program

Build a strong mission statement to unite departments with a common goal and clear business KPIs to deliver on. 

Measure often.

  • Promote a Sales Enablement Manager to drive the success of the program
  • Define how often you communicate to the organization with progress and updates
  • Develop a new metric for sales and marketing alignment
  • Ensure continuous Learning 

Download the infographic

We have packed the entire guide into an infographic.

Download the infographic

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