Having a sales enablement function in the company is a relatively new development that has skyrocketed in recent years. Just have look at this sales enablement blog, which shows that the number of LinkedIn users with sales enablement in their job title has more than doubled from 2016 to 2019.

Still, the concept of sales enablement can be a little fluffy and the same goes for the job titles. Therefore, we will clarify what the key tasks and responsibilities of people employed in common sales enablement roles are. These roles are developed around the core functions of sales enablement: strategy, content, training and technology. On that basis we have found four sales enablement roles to be most salient in companies with a sales enablement function.

The Sales Enablement Manager

This person might also be titled Director of Sales Enablement, Sales Enablement Program Manager, Sales Enablement Leader or the like, and is the one in charge of managing the sales enablement program. The Sales Enablement Manager typically collaborates with different departments to ensure a streamlined process of working with strategy, content, training and technology.

Tasks of the Sales Enablement Manager involve reporting to the C-suite to ensure that the sales enablement strategy is integrated with the overall strategy of the company, collaborating with marketing in content creation, coaching sales reps to optimize sales activities and working with partners to implement and utilize technology.

The Sales Enablement Coordinator

This role might also be referred to as a Sales Enablement Specialist and is typically an integral part of the sales enablement team that is directly involved in content creation, updating of training material, technology management and maintenance and more.

The Sales Enablement Coordinator collaborates with marketing in content creation and manages the content in the sales content library. He or she makes sure that all material is updated and available to the relevant sales reps, and often also maintains data in other systems like the CRM, DAM and sales enablement solutions.

The Sales Training and Enablement Manager

Sales enablement roles with Training in the title is typically focused on working internally with the sales team and the training of sales reps. The Sales Training and Enablement Manager is likely to be responsible for training programs involving onboarding of new sales reps and development of the current team of sales reps.

The Sales Training and Enablement Manager most likely interacts with more technologies in his or her everyday that could be CRM, LMS and sales enablement software to get insights into sales rep performance that can help optimize training material and training sessions.

The Sales Enablement Analyst

The Sales Enablement Analyst typically manages large and complex datasets in their work to identify opportunities for becoming more effective and productive in sales. With a focus on data, this role is concerned with digging out and conveying crucial information in the CRM, BI or other platforms that can optimize reporting efforts and support decision-making.

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Sales Enablement roles in Napp

It goes for all sales enablement roles that they are very cross-functional and revolve around connecting the dots in the organization to allow for smooth processes that foster sales excellence. With a sales enablement platform like Napp, it is possible to integrate tasks and systems into one solution. That makes it easier for the entire sales enablement team as well as the marketing and sales departments to collaborate, since they have marketing material, training material, products, orders and more gathered in one system. Request a demo of Napp today and explore the options for yourself.

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