There is not a standard recipe for sales presentation topics, but we have found that there are some common denominators when it comes to crafting an appealing sales presentation. Whether you need to brush up the slides or build a brand new presentation, you can find inspiration in the following 4 best sales presentation topics.

#1 Industry challenges

This topic subtly suggests that your product or service is a “need to have” and not just something that is “nice to have”. The trick is to outline the common pain points that your product or service addresses, but without mentioning your product or service. Tap into problems that the prospect in front of you is likely to have based on your knowledge about their industry or similar clients. According to most sales presentation advice, like an example from Sales Graphics, it is of utmost importance to focus on the prospect and his or her challenges instead of yourself.

Use data if possible to support your claims and create indisputable arguments. Challenge the status quo with statements like e.g. “80% of companies do things this way which results in 20% missed opportunities” or the like. Asking the prospect questions can be very beneficial in this context as it provides you with specific information about their situation and it involves the prospect in the presentation by creating a dialog. In an article for Entrepreneur, sales strategist Marc Wayshak suggests that the best sales presentations are those in which the sales rep “ditches the monologue” and continuously asks the prospect for feedback to keep an engaging dialogue. Therefore, use your expertise and ask the prospect to have a relevant conversation about critical industry challenges.

#2 Success Stories

Use case studies to show how your clients have effectively overcome challenges and achieved success with your product or service. Forrester states that customer stories and testimony is “the no. 1 type of content that buyers value when exploring purchase options”. With customer testimony you will not come across as self-absorbed by praising your own solution yourself, but instead have customers vouch for the effectiveness of your solution.

Quantify your clients’ success to make it more trustworthy and to highlight that results are visible and can be documented. “They have strengthened sales remarkably” is vague in comparison to “their sales have risen by 20%”. Numbers are simply more striking and relatable. Furthermore, it will make it easier for your prospects to justify spending X$ on your product or service, when they know that there is a potential return of Y%.

#3 Success achievement

This sales presentation topic is concerned with showing the prospect how to get from experiencing the challenges to solving them and having success with your product or service. This can be referred to as the “bridge” in the formula “before-after-bridge” or just BAB. “Before” is the situation the client is in before purchasing your solution, the “after” is the situation after purchasing your solution, and the “bridge” is the way to get from before to after. Notice that before and after are illustrated in topic 1 and 2 respectively.

Here is a short example of the BAB formula with Napp:

  • Before: B2B sales reps struggle to fulfill their quotas because they spend too much time with administration and tasks that are not generating sales.
  • After: Grohe has increased sales reps’ selling time with 15% after implementing Napp.
  • Bridge: Napp makes content management easy, which allows sales reps to quickly find the sales material they need and share it with clients in meetings, resulting in great time savings.

Illustrating how to achieve success with your solution is a matter of showing specifically how your product or service generates value for clients. How do you make certain tasks, processes or operations easier, faster, more effective etc.? This topic should set things straight and make it clear to the prospect how your product or service becomes a solution to their problems. Your onboarding program can be included as a factor in this topic as well, since it can play a vital role in helping clients to achieve success.

#4 CTAs

The last sales presentation topic that we will highlight is the CTA or call-to-action. It is important to clarify how prospects can contact you and who they should contact. But more importantly, make sure that there is a specific CTA relevant to the prospect you are presenting to. This could be e.g. a follow-up call or meeting, asking them to sign up to your newsletter, offering a free trial or a discount on purchase as PPTPOP suggest in their sales presentation infographic. In that way the CTA functions as a method for guiding the prospect through the sales process by letting them know what they can expect to happen next and when.

These 4 sales presentation topics can help you optimize your sales presentations and thereby have better meetings. Read our interview with sales expert Preben Braagaard for more advice on how to have effective client meetings. If you would like us to update you with articles like these and other sales enablement insights, then subscribe to our newsletter.

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