4 Digital Trends That Are Transforming How We Do Business

This year, Eurozone growth seems to have halved in the second quarter, returning to the slow pace seen in the latter half of 2018. While a weak industrial sector, downbeat investor confidence and a worsening global backdrop likely dampened momentum, fears of a hard Brexit continue to affect European companies.

The emerging role of Artificial Intelligence

Machines have become smart, but what does it mean?

Digital disrupters, challenges and changes

The digitization is only evolving faster and faster each day, which means challenges and changes for a lot of companies that don’t follow the digital development. These companies have to change their mindset in order to keep track with the digital disrupters, challenges and changes.

Has the time run out for the heavy briefcase?

When a sales person is attending meetings out of the office he/she often has to carry a heavy briefcase filled with printed files, which can be a hassle and also the money and time spent on printing these files can be difficult to overcome.

Digital Publishing wants to kill the "dreaded" single-drive

In many large, medium sized and small companies and organisations the dreaded single-drives and non-user-friendly intranets are primary used when sharing documents internally. From HR materials in the form of employee lists and contracts to sales materials in the form of product catalogues, price lists, framework agreements, contracts, brochures and much more.

Facts and trends in print vs. digital publishing

The era of digitization is developing rapidly. Companies and entire industries have a greater focus on the "Go Digital" and new trends in the digital world, especially in publishing, specifically in Digital Publishing are very important.