Napp has been acquired by Templafy

Using Napp's technology, Templafy is adding document engagement and tracking to complete their existing document creation workflow. Engage and track are powerful new functions that will allow end-users to follow the journey of a document as it leaves their hands and is engaged with by other collaborators. 

Empower your sales reps and customers with Order Taking to save time and manpower

The latest Napp feature, Order Taking, is now live. It enables your sales reps and customers to place orders on their own directly in the Napp app, which helps you handle orders faster and smarter.

Keep your prospects and clients engaged with Content Sharing

Napp has been updated with a brand new feature that makes it easy for you to follow up on meetings and engage your prospects and clients. It is called content sharing and it allows you to share content directly via the Napp app and gain valuable insights into the receivers’ interaction with the content.

Napp® is GDPR compliant

Your data is in safe hands of professionals that comply with the new European Union’s data protection laws. This article explains what the GDPR is, how it affects you and how it affects Napp.

We just updated Napp® with a completely new design!

Today, clients are logging in to a completely redesigned Napp and several improved features such as a completely new main menu and a fully redesigned Upload Publication feature.

New Napp® features: App Designer, Rich Push and Forms

We have upgraded Napp with three new, exciting features which simplify communication and enhance the app experience. Here is an introduction to them and what they can do.

Highlights of 2017

In this post we will take you on a stroll down memory lane as we look back on our highlights of 2017.

Report from Milan: Teambuilding through teamwork

Climbing by the Lake Como, making Napp sales pitches and escaping a mystery room in Milan were just some of the activities team Napp made during two days of team building in Italy’s fashion capital. The trip had both a social and a professional purpose, and therefore activities combined fun and games with creative teamwork exercises focused on Napp sales and Napp platform development.

Introducing the Help Center

Clients and curious readers can now access a newly created Help Center on our website. The Help Center contains guiding articles and videos that explain the use and benefits of the Napp platform. We interviewed two Napp employees to get their insights into the process of creating the Help Center.

Assessment of Napp: How accessible is the platform?

In August this year, the consulting agency Diversa evaluated the Napp Webviewer and its accessibility to users with disabilities and impairments. Now we can disclose the results of Diversa’s report, which points out several strengths of Napp and the need for a few improvements.