Increase your competitive advantage with data

The ability to collect large quantities of data can lead to benefits as organizational change and improvement.

Going digital with your annual report

Because of the digitization, people are changing the way they read and receive information.

Digital disrupters, challenges and changes

The digitization is only evolving faster and faster each day, which means challenges and changes for a lot of companies that don’t follow the digital development. These companies have to change their mindset in order to keep track with the digital disrupters, challenges and changes.

Why you should digitize your annual report

Preparing your annual report can be a huge undertaking, also when it’s finished and ready to be sent out. So why not digitize it?

6 tips for your digital publication/app

A good user experience is crucial for you and your digital publication or app if you want to retain your readers/customers and their attention or attract new.

Updates from Google io 16

Google io 2016 took place between May 18-20 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Here are some of the major new features that Google demonstrated and are planning to launch later this year.

Web vs. App – Which solution is better and which should you choose?

This can be a tricky question since it depends on your needs and taste, kind of like asking if you should travel by car or motorbike.

New features in the Napp® app: Segmented PUSH and Folder Pictures

Within a lot of companies it can be a struggle whenever a message or notification has to be sent out to specific internal departments and employees and/or external readers. Also is can be difficult to achieve a great looking display with the basic folder icons.

Interview with GROHE

Recently Napp had a great talk with Rasmus Falck, Channel and Category Manager at GROHE, about their experience with Napp. The company GROHE (the Northern Europe markets) experienced difficulties in maintaining an overview of their publications and wanted a better solution.

Our very first morning seminar about digital publishing was a great success

Last month Napp had an exciting morning seminar at our office on Østerbro in Copenhagen where 10 interesting companies were present. Among other things, we talked about the publications of the future, customer behavior, to be present on different platforms and how to get started with digital publishing and therefore how make the step from print to digital.