6 client meeting ideas that create better buying experiences for your clients

Supporting your sales team is essential to making great client experiences. We have boiled the essentials down to 6 client meeting ideas that can help your sales reps make a great impression at meetings.

What is Sales Enablement and why do you need it?

Sales Enablement is a concept that is hard to define, but in this blog post we will give it a try. So, read further to get our take on what Sales Enablement is and how the implementation of Sales Enablement software can effectively boost sales in your organization.

Building e-commerce into Napp in collaboration with our client Grohe

Involving stakeholders in the product development process is easier said than done and is a challenging task when the product in question is a B2B SaaS platform. Nevertheless, in Napp we like to think of ourselves as agile with an open innovation perspective on business development, and therefore, we recently embarked on the project of building e-commerce into Napp in collaboration with our client Grohe. Here is how the process went and what we learned from it.

Napp® is GDPR compliant

Your data is in safe hands of professionals that comply with the new European Union’s data protection laws. This article explains what the GDPR is, how it affects you and how it affects Napp.

Know your sales teams and make them excel in 5 steps

Increasing sales performance is never easy and learning from the behavior of multiple sales teams can be a very time-consuming task. Therefore, we have simplified the process in 5 steps that can help you boost your sales by gathering insights from all your sales teams.

Support your value chain with the Napp® Personal Sales App

Companies engaged in B2B sales should always be searching for ways to optimize their sales-ecosystem. The best way to do this is by supporting the entire value chain by using a platform consisting of effective software and a mobile app. A good place to start is with your prospects.

We just updated Napp® with a completely new design!

Today, clients are logging in to a completely redesigned Napp and several improved features such as a completely new main menu and a fully redesigned Upload Publication feature.

New Napp® features: App Designer, Rich Push and Forms

We have upgraded Napp with three new, exciting features which simplify communication and enhance the app experience. Here is an introduction to them and what they can do.

How do you optimize the use of a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A learning management system has the potential to be much more than simply a way of pushing training sessions to your partners and sales personnel. Combined with other business insights it can boost performance and increase your sales.

Why does it pay off to invest in a Sales Management System?

“Save time and money” is the classic reasoning for buying any new software, but how does this really play out in practice when it comes to the sales management system? Here is our take on the concept.