Sales Enablement books – the top 3 list

We have read three of the most popular sales enablement books on the market and reviewed them. Get a teaser of the content and learn how the books differ from one another to find the one that suits your needs.

3 takeaways from our webinar with Pam Didner

“Marketing is from Venus and sales is from New Jersey”. That was Pam Didner’s opening statement in our recent webinar. In case you missed it or would like a brief recap of the 3 key messages, you have come to the right place.

Keep your prospects and clients engaged with Content Sharing

Napp has been updated with a brand new feature that makes it easy for you to follow up on meetings and engage your prospects and clients. It is called content sharing and it allows you to share content directly via the Napp app and gain valuable insights into the receivers’ interaction with the content.

Effective Sales Enablement starts in the marketing department – behind the scenes of Pam Didner’s new book

She is a Fortune 100 senior marketer, consultant, author, speaker and adjunct professor, and she is known for her holistic perspective on business administration. We recently got the chance to interview Pam Didner about this and learn more about her background that has led her to write a book about sales enablement.

3 client meeting themes that will improve cross-selling

Many sales reps keep selling the same goods to the same clients. Setting the stage with new client meeting themes helps the sales reps to establish new dialogs and support their cross-selling efforts.

The 4 best sales presentation topics in B2B client meetings

Do you need to optimize the company's sales presentation? We have investigated which top 4 topics B2B sales teams include in their client meeting agenda.

3 key elements in a well-working client meeting structure

There is a fine line between doing a promotional sales pitch and getting into the heart of the problem during a client meeting. A well-structured client meeting drives the agenda forward while the client is being heard. We found 3 key elements to a such client meeting structure.

A sales expert’s advice to having effective client meetings

Some client meetings end up in plain talking, while others get to the point right away. We have talked to sales coach Preben Braagaard about the secrets behind conducting effective client meetings and what kind of sales rep behavior that will close the deal.

How to estimate the ROI of client meetings

Visiting clients can make a great difference, but it does not always pay off to spend a day in the field. By looking into best practices, we have come up with suggestions of how to estimate whether there is a ROI of your upcoming client meeting, so the sales reps will know when to leave the car keys at the desk and pick up the phone.

6 metrics for measuring your sales reps’ performance when operating with indirect sales

When your sales are dependent on partners or distributors, your sales reps do not generate direct revenue. So how can you then measure and benchmark sales reps’ performance? We have gathered some suggestions for metrics that can assist you.