The definitive Sales Enablement definition – based on expert insight

To pin down the concept sales enablement is no easy task, and it seems that every vendor has a different sales enablement definition. Therefore, we are accumulating definitions made by industry experts into our own definitive definition.

4 Sales Enablement roles that you should know about

As sales enablement is becoming a more commonly known practice, the number of people employed in a sales enablement role is increasing, and the roles become increasingly diverse. Therefore, we break down 4 of the most widespread sales enablement roles and what their responsibilities are.

Empower your sales reps and customers with Order Taking to save time and manpower

The latest Napp feature, Order Taking, is now live. It enables your sales reps and customers to place orders on their own directly in the Napp app, which helps you handle orders faster and smarter.

3 reasons why it pays off to analyze sales performance

Why should you bother spending time on digging into sales metrics to analyze sales performance? We have looked into the matter and found the top three reasons why it pays off.

How to increase sales productivity in 6 steps

Imagine what impact it could make if each sales rep talked to clients for just an hour more per week, and client meetings were more effective. That scenario is not too good to be true. Read further as we share our best tips on how to increase sales productivity in 6 steps.

3 signs that it is time to improve sales productivity

Your sales reps are busier than ever but how come it does not show on the bottom line? Maybe it is time to assess the productivity of your sales team. Get started here where we have listed three common signs that you need to improve sales productivity.

How to improve sales performance with 5 different technologies

Improving overall sales performance is an ongoing task for all sales managers, but there is an infinite amount of ways to approach the task. One of them is looking into the possibilities that digital technologies offer. Here are 5 different technologies and how to improve sales performance with them.

3 ways a content management platform aligns sales and marketing

How do you make sales and marketing collaborate to become aligned? Start with a content management platform that makes a direct connection between the two.

Sales Innovation Expo 2019 – the European sales event of the year

1000 leading exhibitors, 20000 influential visitors, 500 seminars, 200 masterclasses – and entrance is free. If you work in sales, this is the event of the year in Europe, and you cannot afford to miss it.

CRM and Sales Enablement are not the same – but they make a great couple

CRM or Sales Enablement – which solution suits your business the best? Probably both. Here are the differences between the two and why that makes them great together.