4 Digital Trends That Are Transforming How We Do Business

This year, Eurozone growth seems to have halved in the second quarter, returning to the slow pace seen in the latter half of 2018. While a weak industrial sector, downbeat investor confidence and a worsening global backdrop likely dampened momentum, fears of a hard Brexit continue to affect European companies.

How to increase sales volume when negotiating a deal in a client meeting

The client is ready to buy and you are about to negotiate the details of the deal. What tactics can you use in this situation to maximize sales and at the same time gain a happy client? Read further and get 3 tips for how to increase sales volume.

The top 5 sales tools for sales reps

What are the best sales tools for supporting your sales reps? This is the top 5 that you should look at to find your next software purchase.

How to improve your field sales with 5 different sales techniques

When your sales reps are about to head out in the field and meet prospects and clients face-to-face, they need to be prepared to ensure that their upcoming meeting will be of value to both you and the client. For that purpose, we have gathered five sales techniques to make your field sales reps the best they can be.

Top 3 marketing strategies to increase sales

If you generated an abundance of relevant marketing qualified leads, the everyday in the sales department would be glorious. Make that scenario a reality with this top 3 of marketing strategies to increase sales.

Is the traditional Sales Funnel still relevant?

Maybe you use a sales funnel in your daily sales activities, maybe you know what a sales funnel is but have not applied it, and perhaps you are somewhat in doubt as to what the concept means. Regardless, you have come to the right place, as we investigate the concept and whether the traditional sales funnel is still useful in 2019.

The top 7 sales skills of B2B sales reps

There are a variety of qualities to look out for when putting together your B2B sales team. We have gathered the top sales skills of high-performing sales reps that you should look for.

How modern B2B buyers are transforming B2B sales strategy

Today’s B2B buyers are not so different from B2C buyers and their rapid development is forcing companies to rethink their B2B sales strategy.

The 3 most simple ways to improve sales performance

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What is the secret to a successful Sales Enablement strategy?

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