9 powerful tips to make your online meetings more effective

The global coronavirus outbreak has forced most people to work from home in isolation. Online meetings are becoming the new norm. Therefore we decided to bring you these powerful tips to make your online meetings more effective. Some of them may be very basic, but they are crucial for getting the most out of these online meetings.

What is Sales Enablement

So what is Sales Enablement really? Briefly put, we will describe Sales Enablement as the initiatives and tools to align your sales and marketing to improve your sales performance. A well implemented Sales Enablement strategy can help you IMPROVE, GROW or CHANGE your business performance.

Stop “Selling” to Customers, and start “Help Customers to Buy” instead

There is not a standard recipe for sales presentation topics and how to present your products and services. As the buyers have changed, helping your customers to buy and make a decision will help you become a trusted vendor and close more deals.

Top 3 challenges working with Sales Enablement

The benefits of working with Sales Enablement are quite clear: Increase revenue through improved efficiency and relevance in sales dialogues. Still, there are many challenges to sales, marketing, and excellence managers working towards those potential benefits in an ever-changing and often very competitive market.

Benefits of enabling your sales – if done right

Sales Enablement that is well-implemented breaks down the department silos within the organization. Supporting improved collaboration and alignment between sales and marketing. But the benefits of working with Sales Enablement vary, depending not only on the type of solution you choose, but also on the readiness, resources, and priority within the organization.

Sales Enablement is Change - 7 steps to prepare for a successful change process

Building a Buyer-centric sales strategy, aligning your Sales & Marketing through a Sales Enablement initiative, means a necessary change in the organization. Why does the change process often end up being unnecessarily heavy, frustrating, and expensive?

5 steps to successfully implement Sales Enablement initiatives

In 5 step we will guide you through the most important considerations your organization must know of to successfully implement Sales Enablement

A brief overview of the most popular Sales Methodologies

Together with Intenz, we bring you this article for a brief overview of the most popular Sales Methodologies. We also include what is required to implement a value-based selling approach. Becoming aware of your current sales philosophy is a good starting point.

4 Digital Trends That Are Transforming How We Do Business

This year, Eurozone growth seems to have halved in the second quarter, returning to the slow pace seen in the latter half of 2018. While a weak industrial sector, downbeat investor confidence and a worsening global backdrop likely dampened momentum, fears of a hard Brexit continue to affect European companies.

How to increase sales volume when negotiating a deal in a client meeting

The client is ready to buy and you are about to negotiate the details of the deal. What tactics can you use in this situation to maximize sales and at the same time gain a happy client? Read further and get 3 tips for how to increase sales volume.