What are User Journeys?

User Journeys in Napp® are detailed insights into the behavior of your people and can be used to discover what content they use – and how.

What you will get

User Journeys is insights into individual users' behavior. They show you data such as what content users access, in what order and how much time they spend looking at that content. This data can be utilized in the improvement of content but is particularly valuable when it comes to learning from your top-performing sales reps. User Journeys allow people in the back-office to see what sales reps in the field do at client meetings. This can help shed light on what top-performers do that makes them sell more - knowledge that can be taught to the entire sales team as best practices.

What you need

User Journeys is an extension, which is not included in all Napp® solutions. Contact Napp if you would like to know more about User Journeys and how to add it to your solution.

What to do

To access User Journeys click Manage in the main menu to the left, then click the tab User Journeys to see a list view with the following information:

  • User is of course the name of the person.
  • Number of actions shows how many actions the user has done in Napp® – both in your app and in your web viewer.
  • Last action is the last time the person interacted with your Napp® solution.

Above the list is a search field you can use to search for specific users and other data shown in the table. 

Click the dark blue name of a user or the card icon on the far right in the table to access the detailed User Journeys which will send you to a new page:

On the page you will see the following sections:

  • User info with name, an image of the person and their e-mail address.
  • User Journey view which is a timeline separated into sessions with the date and time (marked with red above) the user has accessed your Napp® solution. To the right of each session is the amount of actions and time spent during that single session (marked with blue above), the most recent is shown first. Click on a session to unfold it and view the specific actions that the user performed during that session (marked with green). This will for example show you what folders and publications the user opened, in what order and at what time.

You can read more about statistics in Napp® in this article.

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