Sharing on a mobile device

Learn why sharing is great, and get a step-by-step guide to sharing content with clients and viewing sharing analytics - all on your mobile device.

What you will get

Sharing is a feature that enhances the buyer's experience of you and your organization. It allows you to easily share relevant content with clients and prospects via your smartphone or tablet and make quick follow-ups on meetings. It helps you to keep prospects and clients engaged and it informs you about what content that they are interested in. This again makes it easier for you to prepare for the next meeting.

What you need

This guide is for iOS and Android users of Napp, since the feature looks almost the same on iOS and Android devices. You are most likely a sales rep, who use a tablet or smartphone when out in the field at client meetings. To get started on sharing content with your prospects and clients, you need to download the Napp app or update it to the most recent version. Note that you also need to have your own Napp login. If you have not been registered as a user yet, reach out to one of your Napp admins. If you cannot share any content, you should also contact an admin, and ask him/her to give you permission to share content in the app.

What to do

  1. Open your Napp app on your tablet or smartphone and log in with your credentials.
  2. Locate the content that you would like to share, e.g. by going to Publications in your main menu and using the Search bar.
  3. Click on the publication that you would like to share and click the arrow button next to the star (add to favorites) and the download button. This adds the publication to your share.
  4. You can browse your app for other content, e.g. Forms, that you would like to add to your share.
  5. When your share is ready to be sent to the receivers, access Shares in your main menu.
  6. Here is an overview of all the shares that you have made, and in the top is your current draft (marked with a green pencil) containing the content that you have just selected.
  7. Click your draft, and then you will see your sharing options.
  8. Start out with typing the e-mails of the receivers or typing their names to search for existing customers that will show in the dropdown.
  9. Write a message for the receivers that will accompany their link to the share in an e-mail.
  10. If you would like to receive a copy of the e-mail or only send the e-mail to yourself toggle the buttons to "on".
  11. You can remove content from your share by clicking the crosses next to it.
  12. When your share is ready to be sent to the receivers in an e-mail, click the green Send button.

How receivers view shares

  1. Your receivers will get an e-mail that looks like the example below, except the logo and signature will fit you and your organization.
  2. When clicking the button, your receivers will be taken to a web view of the content that you have shared with them. Then they simply click the content to view it.

How you view sharing insights

  1. Access you overview of shares by clicking Shares in the main menu.
  2. Click a share to get insight into receiver activity.
  3. In the top is an overview of how much content you shared with how many people and what date and time you shared it.
  4. In the first section Share page analytics you can see how the receivers have interacted with the e-mail and the share page that the e-mail sends them to.
  5. In the second section Shared with are details about the individual receivers. Click the Activity button to view analytics for a receiver.
  6. In the third section Shared files you can see Content activity, which shows how many times the files have been opened and how much time the receivers have spent viewing them.

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