Sending a Push message

Push messages is a great way to notify your people about new materials in Napp®, for example. By sending a Push message, the recipients will get a notification sent from your app straight to their phone.

What you will get

Push messages allow you to communicate directly to your users via Napp. The feature is particularly useful for notifying users about e.g. product updates and new campaigns. In that way, push messages can help you raise awareness of certain products and campaigns and thereby increase sales. Furthermore, push messages can help you increase the adoption of Napp in your organization and keep your users engaged.

What to do

  1. Click Engage in the main menu and navigate to Push Messages
  2. Click the plus New button in the upper right corner of the screen which will send you to the New Push Message view.
  3. Start by selecting your audience in the tab menu to the left. Everyone sends to everyone who has the app installed. Teams sends to one or multiple, specific teams you type in. Tags sends the message to your app users which are subscribed to one of your tags, for example: Product news. Read more about tags here. Once you’ve selected your audience to the left, the interface changes a bit and you’ll get more options depending on which audience you’ve selected of course. The box in the middle is where you create your message and the box to the far right under the mobile phone, is the potential reach for your message, both for android and apple devices and in total. The numbers here will change depending on your audience. 
  4. Start writing your message in the large message field. The phone to the right will show you a preview of how your message will look on an apple phone. It gives you an idea of how the message will be shown to your people.
  5. If you want, you can choose a date and time when the Push message should be sent by clicking the “Send at” field . It’s completely optional, but great if you want to send your message at 9am when people are getting their morning coffees and probably also checking their phones.
  6. Set an action for your message, again, completely optional. By setting an action, you can send your people somewhere when they open the message. This could, for example, be to a specific page in a brochure.
  7. When you’re ready, go ahead and click Send message, which will either send the Push message right away or at the specific date and time you’ve chosen, if any.

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