Creating tags for segmenting Push messages

Sending Push Messages is great but separating them into different subjects - or in Napp: "Push Tags" - means your app users will be able to receive the right and most relevant Push messages, making them more likely to read them.

What you will get

Push tags are great for ensuring that your users only receive relevant content and thereby help to keep users engaged. You can create tags for your messages such as product news, company news and so on. These tags are displayed in the Napp® app where people can subscribe or unsubscribe from the tags depending on their areas of interest. Marketing people, for example, may be more interested in marketing related tags rather than your sales related tags for your sales reps. You can create as many tags as you want, but it may be a good idea to limit them as well as giving them names which makes sense to the people using the app.

What you need

You need the push tag extension in Napp to be able to create tags. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

What to do

Below it is described how you create tags and how you use them when sending a push message.

Creating Tags for Push messages

  1. Click Engage in the main menu and navigate to Tags
  2. Click the New button in the upper right corner of the screen which will send you to the New Push Tag view. 
  3. From this page you can do several things: Add Single, Import or Export (in the top, blue bar next to the title). If using the Add Single, name your Push tag something short and easy to understand.
  4. Click check Save if you’re all done or Save and New if you want to create another, new tag.

Sending a Push message to a specific Tag

  1. Click Engage in the main menu and navigate to Push Messages.
  2. Click the New button in the upper right corner of the screen which will send you to the New Push Message view.
  3. Proceed to fill in all the details for your Push message - check out this guide about Sending a push message. Make sure you select Tags as your audience, and in the form click the field called Tags (required) and either type in the tag name or select your tag from the list which appears. 

Here you can see what the push subscription settings look like to your app users.

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