Reviewing and approving orders

When orders are placed in the app and web app by your sales reps and customers, the next step is for you to review and approve them. Here is how you do it.

What you will get

The feature Order Taking streamlines your order flow. It allows your sales reps and clients to place orders themselves, and this frees up your time for other tasks. You only need to review and approve orders in the Napp platform, which can be done in seconds. Besides letting you work faster, Order Taking remarkably reduces the number of errors in orders, because it does not rely on you manually typing in product names and SKUs. It is simply a matter of submitting and syncing data across systems.

What you need

Order Taking is a feature that relies on integrations, which makes it an extension to the standard Napp solution. Most often it is employed via both an ERP and a CRM integration that allows Napp to sync your product, customer and order information across systems. These integrations automate a lot of manual labor and allow you to work smarter and faster and spend less time on administrative tasks.

What to do

  1. Log in to your Napp platform with your version of the URL

  2. Hover Sales in the menu on the left and click on Orders.

  3. Your overview of orders can be filtered by clicking the icon right below the title Orders. Select your filter settings and click Apply filters to sort your orders. Alternatively, you can click the titles in the table to sort the orders by them.

  4. If an order status is Pending, the order has been placed but not handled by anyone yet.

  5. Click on the Eye icon to review an order.

  6. Click the Pencil icon next to the status, if you simply want to change the status. Note that changing the status to Cancelled cannot be undone. When an order has been cancelled, a new order will have to be placed.

  7. Click the Edit button if you would like to e.g. change the number of products ordered or change notification settings for the order. Click the green Save button when you are done editing.

  8. When an order is ready to be handled by your ERP, change the status to Approved, which sends the order to the ERP.

  9. If Napp is not integrated with your ERP, or you would rather handle orders manually, then go to the order overview and tick the boxes on the left-hand side of the orders. Then the dropdown box Actions appears to the right above the order list. Click it and choose to either export the selected orders as EDI or as Excel format.

  10. Remember to continuously update the status of your orders, so your sales reps and clients can see the progress in their app and web app and know when the order has been completed and the products are delivered.

Here is an overview of the different statuses you can choose from in Napp and a brief description.

Watch the video below to learn how you review and approve your orders in the Napp platform.

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