Placing orders and checking order status in the app

With Order Taking you can easily place orders in Napp on behalf of your customers or as a customer yourself. This guide teaches you how to place orders and check their status in minutes in your app.

What you will get

Order Taking is a feature that allows you to easily place orders in your app when you are out in the field. With just a few taps you can view products and prices that are relevant to the customer that you are meeting and seal the deal at the table. Placing orders in Napp saves you a lot of time and prevents errors in orders from occurring. Furthermore, you can easily follow the journey of the orders that you place right in the app.

What you need

You only need a login to the app, and then you are ready to make fast and tailored orders directly in the meeting with customers.

What to do

There are two spaces in the app that you need become acquainted with when using Order Taking for the first time: The Cart where you place orders, and My Orders where you view the status of your orders.

Placing orders

You can place orders in your Products overview, but when you are in a meeting with a customer, start out by going to the Cart. In the top, search and find your customer. Then the Products bar below will only show you products available to that specific customer and will also show prices that are specific to them. Here is the procedure step by step:

  1. Log in to your app, click on the menu and click Cart.

  2. Type in the Name or E-mail of the customer in the Customer search bar. If the customer in question is new, you can click on the button to the right and create the customer directly in Napp.

  3. Search and find products in the Products search bar and click on them to add them to the cart.

  4. You can edit your order by editing individual products. You can add or remove products by clicking + or – or delete a product in the cart by clicking on the cross to the left.

  5. You might see a Type field, which allows you to define the type of customer that the order is placed for, which activates certain price rules.

  6. You can add a Message to the order, which will be visible to the person who reviews and approves it.

  7. You can add a discount to the order with a Discount code. Click Apply to add it to the overview below, which shows your order total.

  8. If everything looks good, click Place order, which immediately sends the order for review and approval.

Viewing orders

When you have placed an order, you can track the status of it:

  1. Click on the menu and click My Orders.

  2. In the order overview you can see a few details for every order and the Status of the orders shown with the colored icons to the right.

  3. Click on an order to view all Order details.

Here is an overview and a brief description of the different statuses that your orders in Napp can have.

Have a look at the video below to see what Order Taking looks like in the app and learn how you use it. Keep in mind that this feature can be customized, and the options visible in this video, therefore, might vary from what you see in your own app. 

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