PDF Document Requirements

The following guidelines is the best practice for creating and exporting PDF documents for Napp® use. Forward this list to your design team to make sure that you get off to a good start with publishing in Napp®.

PDF Document Requirements

  • Minimum PDF Version: Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5)
  • Maximum 0.5 MB per page
  • All pages should have the same dimensions
  • In order to be searchable text must be text layers, not outlines or images

Exporting Interactive PDF Documents (InDesign)

  • Export to Interactive PDF if you have links or multimedia
  • Select Pages instead of Spreads
  • Layout should be Single Page / Single Page Continuous
  • Be sure to select Include All next to Forms and Media
  • To make a Low-Res PDF (Low Resolution is a smaller file size but much faster loading) Select Compression Automatic, JPEG Quality Maximum and Resolution (ppi) no more than 100
  • To make a High-Res PDF (High Resolution is a larger file size burt much slower loading) Select Compression JPEG 2000 (Lossless), JPEG Quality Maximum and Resolution (ppi) 300

Exporting Print PDF Documents (InDesign)

  • If you don't have links or multimedia and you want better quality or more options, export as Print
  • Set Adobe PDF Preset to High Quality Print and Standard to PDF/X-1a:2001 (ISO standard for graphic content exchange, only choose this for CMYK documents)
  • Set Compatibility to minimum PDF Version Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5)
  • Under Viewing select Layout Single Page / Single Page Continuous 
  • Under Options check the Optimize for Fast Web View

In the Compression tab you can control how high a quality pictures you want. Around 72-100ppi is web standard, where 300ppi is for print. The larger image sizes, the larger the PDF file. 

  • For extreme image quality set Bicubic Downsampling to 300 ppi for images above 450ppi. Compression None. Use at the risk of having way too big files which Napp® will have a hard time digesting.
  • For very good image quality set Bicubic Downsampling to 200 ppi for images above 300 ppi. Compression Automatic, Image Quality Maximum.
  • For smaller PDF file but lower image quality set Bicubic Downsampling to 100ppi for images about 150ppi. Compression Automatic, Image Quality Medium.
  • Under the Marks and Bleed tab, make sure All Printer's Marks and Use Document Bleed settings are unchecked (unless you want to upload a Print file)
  • Under the Output tab set color conversion to your desired color profile in Destination, typically Coated FOGRA39 or ISO Coated v2 300% for CMYK
  • If you're creating a PDF for web-use you need an RGB color profile - in the top right under Adobe PDF Preset change the Standard from PDF/X to None. Now, in Destination you can select an RGB color profile such as sRGB IEC61966-2.1 or Adobe RGB.
  • In the Advanced tab set Subset fonts when percent of characters used is less than 100%
  • Use Acrobat Pro Preflight functionality to validate your PDF (it finds overdraw issues, font issues and PDF syntax issues)

That’s all - now your PDF documents are ready to be published.

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