Customizing the front page of the app with App Designer

Use the feature App Designer to change the layout of your app and thereby provide a more interactive, dynamic and customized experience to the users of your content. With App Designer you can tailor the look of your app to the different Teams who use it.

What you will get

Depending on the size of your organisation, you might just have a lot of files. To help you help your people find the right materials easily without having to dig around hundreds of folders, Napp® has an “App Designer”. With the App Designer, you can customize what’s on the front page of your Napp® app – files, images, image sliders, links into folders, links to a website and even videos. You can also restrict specific content to specific teams. Therefore, App Designer is a feature that both saves your sales reps a lot of time and keeps your app relevant and engaging.

What to do

  1. Click Publish in the main menu and navigate to App Designer
  2. You’ll see a page with two sections, “available modules” and “your layout” with a bunch of boxes inside. The App Designer is completely drag and drop controlled by using the move/arrow buttons, and the boxes are actually “modules”. As your Napp® solution is probably completely new, you may not that many modules yet in “your layout” to the right, apart from Shortcuts and Recently viewed which are generated by Napp® depending on the usage of your app. “Your layout” is where you can drag modules to, from “available modules”. Think of it as if you’re designing the front page of a website!
  3. To the left, you’ll see the available modules. Take a look at the overview of each App Designer module and what they do in the text below these steps. All there is to it now, is trying to drag a module over and add some info to it. Modules usually have a title, which you can toggle to be either hidden or visible, and content which you can add and upload yourself.
  4. To see how your front page looks, click the eye Preview button in the top right corner. To get back to the App Designer, use the back button in your browser.
  5. When you’re done, you don’t have to click save. The App Designer has probably already updated you app’s front page! (If not, give it a few minutes.)

Here is an example of what an app front page could look like on a tablet and on a smartphone.

Overview of App Designer modules

Featured Publications

Pick some files you want to highlight on the front page. Give your module a title, since you might find something else than Featured Publications more suitable for your content. You can choose whether the Title should be visible or hidden by toggling the button to the right of the Title field. In the second field (Teams who have access) you decide which Teams that will be able to see this module in the app by adding one or more Teams. In the third field you search and pick those of your Publications that you would like to appear in this module. Click Create to add the module to your layout.


Add a Video to make the experience of your app more interactive or to help your Sales Reps woo the clients at sales meetings. Give your Video a Title which can be visible or hidden and choose which Teams who can see the Video in the app. In the third field you can insert the URL to the video, for example YouTube or Vimeo and then a preview of the video will be generated by Napp®. Click Create to add the module to your layout.

Newest Publications

This module will automatically show your Newest Publications. All you have to do is make a Title, choose the Teams who will see it and then choose from the drop-down menu in the settings whether the module should contain 10, 15 or 20 Publications in total. Then Napp® adds your chosen number of the most recently uploaded Publications to the module. Click Create to add the module to your layout.

Image Banner

An Image Banner is simply a single, large image. Like with the other modules you add a Title and the Teams who should see the Image Banner. Then you add your image by either dragging and dropping it or browsing your computer to find it, just note the minimum width is 1500px and the image ratio is 2:1. You are given the option of adding a link to your Image Banner that takes the User to other content. The link options are: External link, Open publication, Open folder, Open form, Go to push inbox. These names refer to the action that you would like to be performed when the user clicks the image, and will of course give you the option of adding a link somehow depending on which you choose.

Image Slider

Add more images to this module to make an image slider which cycles through your images. The individual images have the same features as the Image Banner, meaning you can add links to the images in the Image Slider as well. Then you are given the option of setting an interval for the slide function being either 5, 10 or 20 seconds. If the Interval is set to Off, the images won’t switch by themselves and the user will have to swipe to see the next image in the slider. You can add as many images to the Image Slider as you like, but there must be a minimum of two – otherwise there is nothing to slide! Click Create to add the module to your layout.

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