1. How Napp makes your life easier

Get introduced to the basic purpose of Napp and learn what results you can expect to achieve with the platform.

In this chapter:
You will get a brief introduction to Napp and learn what the platform can do for you. With a solid comprehension, you will set up a solid account structure. Therefore, we have made this quick overview of the wins you can achieve with Napp. After reading this we hope that you feel fueled and eager to get started with setting up your account.

Streamline communication
Digitizing all your marketing and sales material is not just great for the planet but also great for a lot of workflows in your company. Now the days are gone where sales reps used outdated brochures and price lists because the y could not find the newest material. By uploading content to Napp you ensure that the newest material is the only material and that users can easily find it and use it. Altogether this streamlines communication and ensures that your entire organization conveys consistent information that lives up to your brand guidelines.

Become top-of-mind at resellers
It is hard to make an impact when you are one brand of many at a reseller. But with Napp you can provide resellers access to your content universe and engage them in your brand. It is easier for resellers to showcase your products to customers when they have e.g. demo videos, product details and user manuals in an app.

Create professional and relevant buying experiences
Your sales reps do not have to flip through stacks of paper or call the office in client meetings anymore. Now they can search and find the information that clients request right away in the app. They can quickly answer e.g. product or stock related questions and share the material that clients are interested in. This makes your sales team look more professional and ensures that clients get a personal and relevant experience of your company.

Increase campaign effectiveness
Putting items on the sales team’s agenda is not always an easy task. Except that it is with Napp. Now you can notify sales reps instantly when a new campaign is live. In that way you can effortlessly and quickly attract their attention and increase the effectiveness of the campaign. This is particularly useful when it comes to time-limited campaigns.

Optimize content
Making content takes time, and if you want to spend the time wisely and make great, useful content, then you need to know what works in sales encounters. Now you can. Napp contains a lot of statistics and insight into content usage. This data shows you what content items your sales reps prefer and even detailed information about the individual pages that they show. Armed with this information you can optimize your content creation and make decisions about content that is based on knowledge of the usage.

In the next chapter:
We will jump straight into Napp and show you how to set up your Roles and Permissions. Now you have got the strategic foundation in place, so let’s execute!
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