Creating teams and adding members

To get the most out of Napp® separate your people into different teams. You can add as many teams as you want, and a user can also be a member of several teams. Think of teams as a way to “tag” your users.

Before you throw yourself into creating teams, check out our infographic about how Teams work in Napp® if you haven't seen it already!

We highly recommend you structure your teams in a way which makes sense to your organisational structure. You could create teams for your departments, Sales, Marketing and Management, for example. If you’re a big nordic company, you might also want to create teams for Denmark, Norway and Sweden. You can also separate them completely into Sales DK, Sales NO and Sales SE and so on. Teams are also a great way to segment the statistics of your users, so if you have a team of your own with a few people, consider creating that as a team, too. The options are endless and creating teams will make it easier for you to control access to content in your Napp® solution. But how you structure teams is of course up to you – just give it some thought, or contact us if you’d like to get some help. Which teams your users are in will later have an affect on what they have access to when we get to creating categories.

Creating a team

  1. Click Manage in the main menu and navigate to Teams
  2. Click the New button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Give your team a name. Team name is required. 
  4. Add members to the team by searching for their names in the field.
  5. That's it. Click Save if you're done or Save and New if you want to create another team. 

Remember to also add teams to your categories to give the team members access to the content in that category. Check out our infographic about how Categories work in Napp® or jump straight into Creating categories for content in Napp®

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