Guide to the new Napp® backend

Napp® is growing as a Sales Enablement platform and we continuously update it with new, exciting features. Therefore we have redesigned the backend to make it more manageable and user-friendly. Here is a guide to the new design, providing an overview of the changes and updates.

The two main changes in the backend is introduced in this guide: the new menu and the renamed features.

A new menu

First things first, the menu has got a makeover. It has been cleaned up and a lot of tabs have been reorganized and are now sub-tabs. Therefore you might not find the feature you are looking for at first glance, but do not despair, everything is still in there. Here is how the menu is structured:


This is your dashboard and the first thing you see, when you log in to Napp®. A few statistics provide you with a brief overview of the activity in your Napp® solution.


In Publish you can upload and manage your publications. Here you will find the following sub-tabs:

  • Publications: Create and edit publications, create folders and organize your publications in folders.
  • Categories: Create categories to organize your publications. For more info about the use of Categories, take a look at this infographic.
  • App Designer: Customize the layout and content in your app by dragging and dropping modules with content here in the backend.
  • Statistics: View Statistics for the use of your publications.


Manage allows you to manage both Users and Teams and view User Journeys, as can be seen in the sub-tabs:

  • Users: Create and edit Users, assign them with Roles and add them to Teams.
  • Teams: Create and edit Teams, and add Users to Teams. This feature was called Access Groups, but has been renamed to Teams to clarify its purpose. Take a look at this infographic if you are still not sure what Teams are for.
  • User Journeys: View Statistics for individual Users and see what actions they have taken in your Napp® solution.


In Engage you can interact with your users and view Statistics for their interaction with your Napp® solution. The features in here are:

  • Push Messages: Create Push Messages and view Statistics for the Push Messages that you have sent.
  • Tags: Create Push Tags to use for segmenting your Push Messages. Users can enable or disable Tags in the app according to their interest.
  • App Traffic: View Statistics for the use of your app.
  • Web Traffic: View Statistics for the web usage of your Napp® solution.


Collab is for collaborating with your partners and users. In here is one sub-tab:

  • Forms: Create Forms for all sorts of data collection, and view the responses given. This feature is previously known as Form Builder.


Educate is an upgrade to Napp® that includes product training. Contact us to learn more about it.


Sales is an upgrade to Napp® that includes integration of product systems and ordering flows and enables benchmarking of resellers. Contact us to learn more about it.

Below is a GIF showing the difference between the old (dark blue) menu versus the new (light blue) menu. A lot of tabs have been removed from the main menu and have been replaced with a few, simple tabs with large icons.

Renamed features

Some of the features in the backend have been renamed to clarify their purpose. The renamed features are:

  • Dashboard, which is now called Home
  • Publication Manager, which is now called Publish
  • User Manager, which is now called Manage
  • Access Groups, which is now called Teams (read more in the section below)
  • Form Builder, which is now called Forms

Infographics: How to use Teams and Categories

A lot of our clients were having trouble using Access Groups. One of the major feature changes in the new Napp® is the Access Groups have been renamed to Teams. We've created some infographics to help clients understand the new Teams and Categories. You can see the infographics here:

Infographic: How do Teams work in Napp®?

Infographic: How do Categories work in Napp®?

In case you have any further questions to the new design of the backend, feel free to reach out to us.

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