Embedded YouTube video not working in app

There can be multiple reasons for why your video is not displaying correctly in your app. This troubleshooting guide offers tips and tricks on how to solve the issue.

If you do not know how to and want to learn how to enrich a publication with a YouTube video, please take a look at this video guide first and be sure that your document fulfills the requirements for Napp®.

In case you have seen and followed the guide and your publication fulfills the requirements, but the Video still doesn't work, here are possible reasons why:

YouTube video is Private

This means that only those the creator invites are allowed to see the video. Invitees must have their own YouTube accounts and the maximum number of individual viewers for a private video is 50. Furthermore, the video will not come up in any search results or be visible on a channel list.
Solution: Edit the video and change the permissions to either Public or Unlisted.

Napp® App is unable to read video link

This is a common issue because each link for a video needs to be edited inside your PDF creator (e.g. Adobe Indesign) before your document is exported and ultimately uploaded to a Napp® Publication.
Solution: Change the typical Youtube video link e.g: https://youtu.be/IruGs8zRLhE  to a Napp® video link e.g: napp://youtu.be/IruGs8zRLhE
If you have made sure you are using the correct type of links and your video is either Private or Unlisted but your video is still not working, here is a trick developers often use:

Understand why your video is still not working (a little tech-y)

When developers debug this issue, they often use what is called a Google API request. For non-developers, this simply means sending some data such as the ID of your video to Google and Google returns some data back about the video which gives you more information about a video than that you can on YouTube.com.
Solution: Find the video which is not working on Youtube and click share to see the video link e.g: https://youtu.be/IruGs8zRLhE. Now only select and copy what comes after "/" or the video ID e.g. IruGs8zRLhE. Next Click here. This opens a browser tab with some code in it. Don't mind the code. In the address bar, select everything from "ID=" and to the end.  Now replace the ID you selected, with the one of your Youtube video and click enter.
Depending on the creator's account structure and permissions, Google will come back with different results. If Google returns an Error, there are some restrictions on the video e.g: Limit of views, Copyright etc.

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