9. Customize with App Designer

Learn how to tailor the look of your app to your users to give them a relevant and user-friendly experience.

In the previous chapter:
You learned how to send Push Messages to notify your users about updates.
Read the previous chapter here.

In this chapter:
We will show you how to customize the front page of your app with App Designer. App Designer is a feature that allows you to build tailored app front pages for your Teams. This enables you to highlight specific information to specific Teams. Like other Napp features, the App Designer is very flexible and allows you to add and drag and drop modules to build the front pages just the way you want.

What to do:
Log in to your backend and then have a look at the video below to learn how to use the App Designer.

What is next now that you have finished the onboarding guide?
We hope that you feel well-informed about the many uses and possibilities of Napp and know how to use the features in the backend. If not (or if you forget) you can always revisit this guide or some of the chapters in it. We have also put additional step-by-step guides to features here in our Help Center that you can look at, and if you have questions you are always welcome to text us in the chat in the lower right corner.

Other than that, bon voyage! We are excited to see you set out on your sales enablement journey towards strengthened collaboration, boosted productivity and increased sales.

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