Creating a form and adding form fields

Forms in Napp® is a great way to allow your people to use and share a form from the app or web platform. Maybe your sales reps need a signup form for a specific product when they’re out selling at events? Or your installation workers could benefit from a checklist when they’re out setting up your products. A form could also just be for a simple newsletter signup – the possibilities are endless.

What you will get

Forms is a feature that allows you to collect data on site and get feedback from your users. It is a communication tool that makes it easy for you to engage users in your platform with forms that are relevant to your business. You choose who the forms are available to and build them yourself of the fields you need.

What to do

Here are the steps to follow when creating a form:

  1. Click Collab in the main menu and navigate to Forms. You’ll be sent to a page with a list of your forms, if you have any.
  2. Click the New button in the upper right corner of the page which will send you to the first step of the form creation process:
  3. Give your form a name, which is required. 
  4. Now choose one or more teams who have access and whose members can see, use and share the form. If you want everyone to have access, you can just add the default team in Napp® called Public – which makes it public!
  5. If you’re ready for the next steps, click Save

Adding details to the form

  1. On the next page, you’ll see a bunch of new fields and options. You can edit your form’s name if you weren’t satisfied with it in the first step.
  2. Next to the name field you can choose whether your form should be Published or not by using the toggle button. Published means the form is live.
  3. Add a description to your form which briefly instructs or describes what the form is for and when/how to use it. It’s optional, and will be shown on the form itself so you can also just leave it blank.
  4. Notify emails is where you can enter who will be notified when the form has gotten a response by adding their email.
  5. Teams who have access is also from the previous step, you can still either add more or remove teams, but you have to fill in at least one team such as Public.
  6. Write a confirmation message, which is the text that appears when a person has filled in the form, for example “Thank you for filling in our form!” This is optional. 
  7. If you’re ready for the next steps, click check Save

Adding fields to the form

  1. Now you’re ready to start adding fields. Click the plus Add field button to the right of the to the Form fields headline. Once your form has been used just once, you won’t be able to edit the form fields again.
  2. You’ll see some new options in the Create Field pop-up. Start by giving your field a Label, for example “E-mail address” or “Customer name.”
  3. Choose the type of field you need – see the table at the bottom of the next page to learn about the different types.
  4. Select whether the field should be required or not, which means it has to be filled out, by answering Yes or No in the Required dropdown.
  5. You can also add a header image to the form, but it’s completely optional. The image will be shown at the very top of the form itself when someone opens it. If you’re unsure of how your form looks, you can click the eye Preview button in the top right corner of the page.
  6. When you’re all done, scroll back up to the top to click check Save. Remember if you want the form to be live, you need to toggle the Published button next to the name to either Yes or No.

Seeing the responses to your form

You can only see the responses for your form if it actully has any responses:

  1. Again, navigate to Forms under Collab in the main menu.
  2. In the list of forms, find the form you’ve just created. You can either Search for it or sort the table by clicking the Date created column title.
  3. From the list view, you can see responses of a form by either:
    • Clicking the dark blue number with the card icon in the responses column
    • Clicking the three-dots button to the far right in the table to get a dropdown where you’ll find the options Responses, Preview and Delete.  
    • Clicking the dark blue title of a form, which will send you to the edit page for the form. At the top of the page you’ll find the Responses button.

Different types of form fields

Dropdown is a field where the form visitor can select one option out of several. Dropdowns are usually a good idea if you have more than 5 possible answers, for example a dropdown for selecting a country. If you choose Dropdown, you get an extra tab next to Attributes called Select Options where you can add, move and delete options.

Email is a field where the form visitor can add their email and Napp® will automatically validate if it’s a correct email or not.

Text is just a simple field where the form visitor can write something, recommended for very short answers only.

Textarea is where the form visitor can write a much longer answer in a larger field box, recommended for questions which need longer answers.

Checkbox is a field where the form visitor can check a box, for example for answering yes or no; “the client has been onboarded” – check or no check.

Number is a field where the form visitor can write a number. On mobile devices, this field will open the number keyboard.

Image is a field where the form visitor can upload an image, either by browsing for one or (on mobile devices) by taking one. This could be very handy for a installation checklist form, where the installation worker can upload an image of the final setup.

Multiple select is a field where the form visitor can select multiple answers or options from those you add to the form. This could, for example, be used for a field asking about a client’s industry, which could be more than one. As with the Dropdown type you get an extra tab next to Attributes called Select Options where you can add, move and delete options.

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