Adding your people as users

Adding your people into Napp® as users is an important part of using Napp®. Creating new users and assign them a role and one or more teams requires an Administrator account. Here's how to do it.

What you will get

Having some users is an obvious prerequisite for success in implementing a sales enablement platform. Getting your coworkers onboard quickly and encouraging them to use the platform in their everyday from the start increases adoption. Therefore, get all the relevant people in your organization created from the beginning, and then you have a great foundation.

What to do

There are different ways to do add people into Napp®; you can add users manually one-by-one, import multiple users with Excel, or just make people sign up themselves by using the Napp® app.

Add users manually

  1. Click Manage in the main menu and navigate to Users
  2. Click the plus New button in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also click the arrow button next to it for Import/Export options. This will take you to the Add Single view.
  3. Fill out First name, Last name and Email as they’re required, the other fields are optional. Don’t worry about Teams yet – we’ll cover this later.
  4. You can check the box Generate password if you want Napp® to generate a very secure, random password for the user which will be sent to their email.
  5. Choose a Role for the user. If you are in doubt about the purpose of Roles, you can read more about Roles here or have look at our Roles infographic.
  6. Assign the user to one or more teams.

Import users with Excel

Importing users is great for adding multiple users at once, but it does require you to prepare an Excel file correctly using our template so Napp® will add the users properly. If you already have an internal employee database which can export your people to an Excel-file, you can copy and paste them from there.

  1. Click Manage in the main menu and navigate to Users
  2. Click the plus New button in the upper right corner of the screen. Or, to skip the next step, you can also click the arrow button next to it to get the download Import users option right away.
  3. In the top of the New User page find the light blue menu bar and click the Import tab right next to Add Single
  4. Unless you already have a Napp® user import template ready, download it by clicking the file-excel Download template button.
  5. Prepare the Excel file with your users' info; first and last name, email and role. The Access Groups column is for adding the user to Teams (Teams were once called Access Groups). If you haven't created teams, you can just leave it blank. You can also just leave the ID column blank.

Allow your people to sign up from the Napp® app

If you would rather have your people signing themselves up, you can enable user sign up from the mobile app. This however requires us to change a setting in your account so we’ll need to move out of the Users area.

  1. In the bottom of the main menu, find and click the litte, round image above your name (or account name) – right under Activity
  2. In the pop up, find and click Account settings and in the left side menu on the new page click the tab called Additional Features.
  3. On the Additional Features page, check the first box called “Enable user sign up from the mobile app”. This allows people to select “Sign up” on the login screen of the app, which of course requires them to download and install the app first. You can always come back and disable user signup again if you generally don't want to allow people to sign up from the app.

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