3. Create Teams and Users

Learn how to create your Teams and Users.

In the previous chapter:
We showed you how to create Roles and Permissions in Napp so you can better keep track of all the types of users that will access your solution.
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In this chapter:
You will learn how to create Teams and Users. Teams are for grouping your Users, and it is often Teams you use in Napp when segmenting content distribution and ensuring that your app users see content that is relevant to them when they open the app. Therefore, it is important to create some useful Teams that correspond to e.g. the divisions or workgroups in your organization that work together with the same material. Examples could be e.g. Marketing Managers, Sales Denmark, Sales Norway or Sales Managers. There are no limits – it depends on the structure of your organization.

What to do:
Log in to your backend and follow the video below.

In the next chapter:
We will start dealing with content as we show you how to create Categories.
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