Creating categories for your content

Categories organize your publications and connect them to the right Teams. Examples of Categories could be e.g. “Product catalogs” or “Annual reports”, or other Categories of content you want to distribute to different users as defined in your Teams.

What you will get

Adding your content into Napp® starts with creating categories. Using categories is a great way to organize your content which you probably have a lot of; brochures, sales reports, product catalogues, company party pictures, installation videos. But unlike teams and users, one file can only belong to one category, so you may want to carefully consider what to name your categories.

Categories in Napp® are also used to control user and team access to content. This is done by adding teams to the category, you want to give the team members access to. When you upload new files and give them the same category, the teams already added to it will be able to access the files.

What you need

If you are not quite sure yet what categories are for, then we recommend taking a look at our categories infographic, which will give you an introduction and overview.

What to do

  1. Click Publish in the main menu and navigate to Categories
  2. Click the plus New button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Give your category a name. Category name is required. 
  4. Add teams to the category by searching for the team names. 

Importing categories

If you want to import categories from an excel file, find the blue menu bar in the top with the Categories page title and click "Import" tab next to the "Add Single" tab. You'll be taken to a new page where you can download the excel template used for importing. Simply fill out the file wth category names and their teams, save, and upload it into Napp® using the same page.

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