0. Chapter overview

First things first - welcome to Napp! We are looking forward to helping you achieve success with sales enablement.

To ensure you get off to a great start we have made this self-onboarding guide. It contains short videos and instructions that help you set up your Napp account in a way that is meaningful to your company. We recommend going through the chapters from 1 to 9 to get the best outcome. Take your time, pause the videos and try to implement things in your own account as we go along. Then you will have your account set up sooner than you know.

All you need in advance is to be an admin and then you are ready. Let’s get started!

Chapter overview

1. How Napp makes your life easier
Get introduced to the basic purpose of Napp and learn what results you can expect to achieve with the platform.

2. Set up your Roles and Permissions
Centralize and control the management of your platform with defined Roles and Permissions.

3. Create Teams and Users
Learn how to create your Teams and Users.

4. Create Categories
Learn how to create Categories for your content and link them to your Teams.

5. Make a structure with Folders
Make a logical structure with Folders to get a great foundation for your future usage of Napp.

6. Upload Publications
Learn how you publish content so your users can start putting it to work.

7. Create Forms
Collect feedback, signups and more with your own Forms.

8. Engage with Push Messages
Promote campaigns and other content to your users with Push Messages.

9. Customize with App Designer
Learn how to tailor the look of your app to your users to give them a relevant and user-friendly experience.

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