• Creating teams and adding members

    To get the most out of Napp® separate your people into different teams. You can add as many teams as you want, and a user can also be a member of several teams. Think of teams as a way to “tag” your users.

    2 min read Updated 1 month ago Written by Marie
  • Creating roles and giving permissions

    Roles let you decide what your users should be able to do in Napp. This is our step-by-step guide to creating them.

    2 min read Updated 8 months ago Written by Marie
  • Adding your people as users

    Adding your people into Napp® as users is an important part of using Napp®. Creating new users and assign them a role and one or more teams requires an Administrator account. Here's how to do it.

    3 min read Updated 9 months ago Written by Marie
  • [Infographic] How do Roles work in Napp®?

    While teams control what content your people can see, roles let you decide what they should be able to do. We created an infographic explaining the basics of Roles in Napp.

    < 1 min read Updated 11 months ago Written by Marie
  • [Infographic] How do Teams work in Napp®?

    Previously known as "Access Groups" Teams is a feature in Napp® for grouping together users and control their access to content. We know Teams is a tough nut to crack, so we created an Infographic about the basics of how Teams work

    < 1 min read Updated 1 year ago Written by Marie

Users and Roles

Learn the definitions of Roles in Napp and learn how administrators can manage users

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