• Getting started with Napp's administration

    This guide will take to you through the basics of Napp's administration. You’ll get an overview of its structure and get to know where to find the essentials. You’ll learn what users, teams and categories are and how to create them. You’ll also learn how how to publish content and customize the look of your Napp® app. Sounds good? Let’s begin!

    6 min read Updated 2 years ago Written by Marie
  • [PDF] App guide to Smarter Selling with Napp (Android and iOS)

    From our experience we realise the importance – and difficulty – of suddenly having to change work tools and old habits. That's why we've written a guide for Sales Representatives called "Smarter Selling with Napp".

    1 min read Updated 3 years ago Written by Marie

Getting Started

Get an introduction to what Napp is, and how you get off to a good start

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