9. Find your Messages

Learn how to enable and find Messages in your app.

In the previous chapter
You learned how to find the Forms containing your guided questions for qualifying leads.

In this chapter
We will show you what Messages are, where they are located and how you subscribe to topics with Tags. Messages are notifications that will appear on your screen like other app notifications. Often, they are sent to you by a colleague in marketing to notify you e.g. about a new campaign or content update. They can contain links, and if they do you will be sent to a selected page in a publication when you click on the Message. You can see old Messages in your app, and you can choose to subscribe to specific topics in the app. These topics are called Tags. As a starting point, we recommend having all Tags turned on.

What to do
Log in to your Napp app and watch the video below to see where Messages and Tags are.

What is next now that you have finished the onboarding guide?
Hopefully, you feel well-informed and ready to start working with Napp in your everyday. If not, then you can always re-read this guide or some of the chapters in it. We have also put some additional step-by-step guides to Napp features here in our Help Center that might be helpful if you get stuck. Moreover, you are always welcome to text us in the chat in the lower right corner of the screen if you have a question.

Other than that, we are excited to kickstart your sales enablement journey towards boosted productivity and increased sales.

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