8. Guided Questions

Learn how to use your guided questions and value prompters in client meetings.

In the previous chapter
We showed you how to use Order Taking to place orders for clients in your app and view the status of your orders.

In this chapter
We will show you how to find and use your Forms. The opportunities with Forms are many and often different from one organization to another. Forms can e.g. be questionnaires with which you provide feedback, or inspection forms that you fill out when visiting resellers. Most often Forms are used for guided questions and value prompters that you utilize in meetings to qualify leads. With Forms, you always have your qualification questions at hand, which you can fill out directly in the meeting or right after. The data is then synced to your CRM, so you do not have to worry about reentering notes.

What to do
Watch the video below to see how you find and use your guided questions with Forms.

In the next chapter
We will show you what Messages are and how you find them in the app.
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