7. Place Orders in your app

Use Order Taking and place orders right away in client meetings.

In the previous chapter
You learned how to make Stock Lookups and find product, price and stock details directly in meetings when clients request them.

In this chapter
We will show you how to place orders for clients in your app and afterwards follow the status of the order. The feature Order Taking allows you to easily place an order yourself in meetings without the need to call a co-worker back in the office. You create an order with just a few taps in the app by searching for the client and the desired products, and adding a discount or message if necessary. This saves you a lot of time, and helps you secure more deals by closing them at the table.

What to do
Watch the video below to see how you use Order Taking in your app.

In the next chapter
You will learn how to use Forms with guided questions and value prompters in client meetings.
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