6. Make Stock Lookups

Look up price, product and stock information directly in meetings to close the deal at the table.

In the previous chapter
We showed you how to share content with clients and view their interaction with the content to learn about their interests.

In this chapter
You will learn how to make Stock Lookups. Stock Lookups show you information about products, prices and stock in the app. This enables you to address stock related questions immediately in meetings, because you can simply search and find the information in the app instead of relying on other systems or phone calls to the office to get the information. In that way, Stock Lookups enable you to provide the information that is needed to close the deal and place the order right at the table.

What to do
Log in to your app and follow the steps presented in the video below.

In the next chapter
We will show you how to place orders for clients directly in the app and check order status.
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