5. Use Content Sharing and Share Analytics

Make personal follow-ups and learn what your prospects and clients are interested in with Content Sharing.

In the previous chapter
You learned how to use the presentation features in Napp to have great meetings with prospects, leads and clients.

In this chapter
We will show you how to share content with clients and view how they interact with the shared content. With the feature Content Sharing you can immediately share material with clients when they request it in meetings. The feature also enables you to make easy, quick and personal follow-ups directly in the app, which helps to keep clients engaged and helps to prevent deals from being forgotten and lost. When clients open the content, you have shared with them, you will be able to see it in the Share Analytics in the app. There you can learn what specific subjects that they are interested in, which provides you with a great foundation for having a relevant dialogue at the next meeting. In addition, all the data you put in your shares will be synced to your CRM, which means no more double work for you.

What to do
Log in to your app and watch the video below to learn how to share content and view Share Analytics.

In the next chapter
You will learn how to look up product information, prices and stock directly in your app.
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