3. Present with Napp

Learn how to use Napp as your presentation platform in meetings to look professional and impress clients with a great experience.

In the previous chapter
We showed you how to log in to your app and enable notifications to ensure that you get a tailored app experience and never miss an update.

In this chapter
We will show you how to utilize the features that help you present with Napp in meetings. Presenting is an essential application of Napp, because it is our prime task to help you have the best possible meetings with prospects, leads and clients. Therefore, we have made it easy for you to navigate your content and adapt to the meeting in real time, so you always show material that is relevant to the person sitting in front of you.

What to do
Log in to your app and follow the video below to learn how to present with Napp.

In the next chapter
We will show you how to use the app home screen, that your team has prepared for you.
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