1. How Napp makes your life easier

Get introduced to the basic purpose of Napp and learn what results you can expect to achieve with the platform.

In this chapter:
You will learn why Napp is a great app for sales and get an overview of the results you can expect to achieve when you start using the app.

Spend more time selling
Napp helps you spend your time where it matters the most – with your prospects, leads and clients. The app helps you to do less administration and more selling by digitizing your resources and gathering everything in one place. You no longer need to dig in piles of paper to find that price list you want to show the client, and you no longer need to call the office to check stock and product details. You can easily and quickly find the information you need in the app.

Have more relevant dialogues
If you can create relevant dialogues with prospects, leads and clients you are creating more effective meetings. Napp helps you get there by giving you access to all sales material and enabling you to easily share it with clients. The clients’ interactions with your shared material are tracked, so you can learn what they are interested in and what you should discuss with them at upcoming meetings to spark relevant conversations.

Look great in front of clients
Napp boosts your professional appearance because you can conduct the entire meeting in the app: You can present, look up detailed information about products, prices and stock, and you can place orders. You no longer have to say, “I’ll get back to you with an answer”, “I’ll call a colleague to find out” or “I’ll send it to you when I am back in the office”. Now you can strike while the iron is hot, and address concerns immediately and close the deal at the table.

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