0. Chapter overview

Get an overview of what you can expect to learn in this onboarding guide.

Welcome to Napp – your new sales app! We are excited to help you get started, and therefore we have made this onboarding guide, which will quickly get you going. It contains videos and instructions about features and utilizations of Napp. 

If you have received your personal login information via e-mail, then you are all set and ready to get started - Let’s go!

Chapter overview

1. How Napp makes your life easier
Get introduced to the basic purpose of Napp and learn what results you can expect to achieve with the platform.

2. Log in to get a tailored experience
Learn how to download your app and log in with your personal credentials to get the most out of the app features.

3. Present with Napp
Learn how to use Napp as your presentation platform in meetings to look professional and impress clients with a great experience.

4. Keep an eye on your home screen
Get to know your home screen which informs you about relevant material.

5. Use Content Sharing and Share Analytics
Make personal follow-ups and learn what your prospects and clients are interested in with Content Sharing.

6. Make Stock Lookups
Look up price, product and stock information directly in meetings to close the deal at the table.

7. Place Orders in your app
Use Order Taking and place orders right away in client meetings.

8. How to work with Forms
Learn how to use your guided questions and value prompters in client meetings.

9. Find your Messages
Learn how to enable and find Messages in your app.

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