Napp is GDPR compliant.

Through our services of delivering world-class SaaS we obtain the position as Data Processor defined in the GDPR. As a result, Napp will process certain personal data owned or controlled by our clients, who according to the GDPR is the Data Controller.

In the event that Napp’s clients are governed by the article 2 or 3 of the GDPR, either materially or territorially, the GDPR requires a processing agreement.

Napp thrives to provide the best user experience in all aspects of our collaboration with our clients. Therefore, Napp is also providing a so-called Data Processing Agreement to our clients to meet the criteria of the GDPR. This is downloadable as a form-filling template, securing our clients a fast and easy transition into the being GDPR compliant as well.

Click here to access, review and fulfill the Napp Data Processing Agreement and send to 

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