Customer Success Story Lyreco

Increased sales performance

Increased campaign output

Faster content updates


When managing a large sales team, it is vital to constantly improve the sales reps’ productivity. Lyreco is a global B2B office supplies company that relies heavily on field sales activities. With 250-plus sales reps in the Scandinavian region and more than 1,000 meetings on a daily basis, the company has experienced significant impact and added to its top line, even with small improvements.

Sami Akray, CMO of Lyreco Scandinavia, was facing several challenges. His marketing team was producing multiple digital brochures and content as well as printed material, but they had little insight into whether or not the marketing-produced sales tools were used or how the tools helped generate more sales.

In addition, rolling out new product launches and campaigns was cumbersome with such a large sales force always in the field. Akray often noticed that the sales reps did not give adequate attention to the campaigns. He needed a platform that could catch the attention of the sales reps, so they would always have updated and relevant content to improve client dialogues and help them close more deals.


  • More control of content and updates from marketing to ensure better sales meeting experiences
  • Hit the market faster and more efficiently with increased marketing campaigns via the sales team
  • Generate meaningful insights that could help him make more informed decisions


The Napp solution was chosen as the sales enablement platform. With Napp, each sales rep has an iPad with an interactive app that contains all relevant sales material. The marketing team can easily control content distribution in the app, add new content, and remove outdated content, so it’s always up to date. In addition, campaigns and promotions are quickly pushed to the sales reps: they get the updated content within the app and via push notifications, which ensures that all reps are fully aware of it. All sales rep activity in the app is tracked, and the marketing team can see how the sales material is being used. The ability to see what is heavily used and what’s not used at all provides valuable insights into determining where to prioritize marketing efforts.

Customer Success Story Lyreco

»In the past, it was a black box what happened at client meetings. Today all reps have all material available at all times, and we in marketing can increasingly positively impact the conversations with clients. On top of that, we can measure a 26 percent performance increase for the sales reps, which makes it a win–win situation all way around,«

— Sami Akray, CMO at Lyreco Nordics


Introducing the Napp sales enablement solution has really moved the needle with Lyreco. Sales reps actively using the marketing tools through Napp have an average of 26 percent higher sales performance compared to reps who don’t use the solution. This means that more and more sales reps are becoming naturally inclined to use the power of the tools in their daily work.

In addition, the marketing team is pushing out 50 percent more campaign materials without spending more time on them. A streamlined process allows the marketing team to more easily manage promotional material and focus on what their sales reps need.

Lastly, Napp has resulted in a 10 percent increase in content updates on a daily basis in Lyreco, which is only possible because content is managed online and distributed digitally. This way, the number of times when the use of outdated content has resulted in negative client experiences has decreased dramatically.

Customer Success Story Lyreco

»Introducing sales tools for our sales teams to make them focus more on selling has been a key priority. With Napp, we have seen exactly that, as well as clearly measurable higher sales rep productivity with a 26 percent performance increase«

— Philip McNeill, Director of Sales, SMB, Lyreco