Turn Client Meetings into Customers

Enable better client conversations with a powerful sales app. Manage relevant sales and marketing content with Napp Sales Enablement Platform.

The platform

Boost your sales with Napp

  • Increase cross-sales through adaptive presentations
  • Get in-depth insight into your clients’ interests
  • Improve your CRM adoption and ROI
  • Free up your sales reps' time for selling
  • Boost your marketing effectiveness with powerful analytics
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Sales Performance

Get insight into your clients' interests and drive relevant sales dialogues. Valuable data and adaptive presentations enable you to address your clients' needs and boost upselling, cross-selling and indirect sales.

  • Get insight with interaction analytics on shared content
  • Have relevant conversations with adaptive presentations
  • Become top-of-mind at resellers with a branded app
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Administration Costs

Free up your sales reps' time for selling with sales supporting features, make marketing more effective with insight into content usage, and enhance your customers' buying experience through self-service.

  • Save time with stock look-up in meetings
  • View content stats and create the best marketing content
  • Engage customers with segmented access to your app
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CRM Adoption

Increase the return on your investment in a CRM by integrating it with Napp. Sync updates across Napp and your CRM to fully embed the systems into your sales reps' work and maximize the usage of both.

  • Notify sales reps about updates and boost engagement
  • Make in-meeting updates to your CRM via Napp
  • Increase product interest with easy access to information
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Proven Business Impact in Lyreco

Increased sales performance

Increased campaign output

Faster content updates

Client testimonial

»Introducing key sales tools for our sales teams to make them focus more on selling has been a key priority. With Napp, we have seen exactly that, as well as clearly measurable higher sales rep productivity with a 26 percent performance increase«

— Philip McNeill, Director of Sales, SMB, Lyreco

Benefits for


Centralize and control content distribution. Provide more relevant client experiences. Optimize performance with analytics.

Discover marketing benefits

Sales Managers

More relevant client meetings. Increase productivity of your sales team. Apply best practices from the best performers.

Support your sales leadership

Sales Professionals

Spend more time selling. Reduce administrative work. Build stronger relationships with your clients.

Allow sales pros to sell more

Empowering Global Sales Team Success

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