Customer Success Story Grohe

Increased selling time

Increase in amount of personalized content

Increase in amount of content updates


Grohe is the world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings and their products are available in more than 130 countries. The company employs 6000 people and among them is a large sales force.

Grohe had difficulties with getting the right sales material into the hands of the right sales reps and experienced that sales reps were not using the sales material they were expected to use during client meetings, but the company had no way of tracking the usage in detail. Moreover, looking up stock and placing orders were time-consuming processes that were mostly undertaken over phone and in Excel.


  • Certainty that sales reps always use relevant and updated material in meetings
  • Professional appearance of sales reps in meetings
  • A streamlined sales process that gives clients a great impression in meetings


Grohe chose Napp as their Sales Enablement Platform due to Napp’s expertise within sales enablement, comprehensive enablement focused features and ability to manage large sales forces. Napp is rolled out with sales teams in 35 countries globally, with hundreds of users, and with more being added every day.

With Napp, Grohe’s sales reps are always “ready to sell”. They now go to meetings with all sales materials such as catalogs and presentations available on their iPads. Orders, product, pricing and stock information can be searched and found in Napp’s app for tablets and mobiles instantly, giving the sales rep an effective tool for answering all client questions directly in the meeting. Multiple local marketing teams keep all content up to date in their respective markets and ensure instant accessibility and notifications to reps when new content is available. The easy update of content in Napp means that Grohe now to a much greater extent personalize their client presentations to make them more relevant to individual clients.

Customer Success Story Grohe

»Spending less time on boring work and more time with clients is what it is really about. Presenting relevant content and looking up things right away, are all factors that provide the clients with the greatest possible meeting experience. This is what Napp is helping us with, and why they are an important partner going forward.«

— Christian Pedersen, Key Account Manager, Grohe


Napp has given Grohe a significant productivity boost on multiple fronts. First and foremost, sales reps have seen savings of up to 1 hour a day on administrative work. More client questions can be answered on the go in client meetings, resulting in much less time spent on post meeting follow-up. Now sales reps can spend more of their time and efforts on clients rather than on administration. Also, back-office has seen significant time savings, with much less requests coming from the sales teams.

The easy management of content has also resulted in a 200% increase in the amount of personalized content created. Brochures and presentations can quickly be edited and made accessible to the sales reps who need it, which provides clients with a more tailored experience of Grohe in meetings. The easy management is also visible as Grohe now makes 2 times more content updates, 3 times as fast as before Napp was implemented.

In addition, Napp dramatically reduces the need for print material, and Grohe has almost halved their annual printing costs in Northern Europe alone. Grohe only expects these costs to further diminish as more and more sales divisions start to use Napp in their daily work.

Besides the measurable benefits of Napp, Grohe also experiences that Napp enhances the perception of the Grohe brand. Napp supports Grohe’s emphasis on innovation and new technologies. It makes the company’s sales reps appear professional and it helps them convey the quality of Grohe products in meetings with clients.