Napp Office
Napp® A/S

Vestagervej 1
DK-2100 Copenhagen OE
CVR: 32260470


Hand made since 2011

Napp® develops sustainable digital business solutions through mobile apps and websites. We are called Napp because proud Nordics build all our apps. We love constructive creativity and are innovative people that do commercialization using cutting edge technology.

We love our customers

At Napp we love digital innovation. We take a great pride in not only living up to our customer’s expectations but exceeding them. Above all, we value the trusted and respectful relation to our costumers and partners, which is earned through dedication, passion and our second to none digital craftsmanship.

The Napp Cocktail

We firmly believe that a fruitful and mutually rewarding business process holds many individual elements and that is why the Napp cocktail contains: 20% enthusiasm, 20% craftsmanship, 20% ambition, 20% creativity and 30% courage
Yes that’s right, we deliver 110%, so please drink responsibly.